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Pindahan dari Multiply Posted  on Oct 7, ’08 9:19 AM

Sudah satu semester ini saya n mona suka merhatiin setiap email yang dikirim dari ABP print room staff, mereka adalah para students yg bertugas jaga print room di faculty kami, tempat yang paling vital menjelang submission tugas studio especially sebelum mid break and end of semester, tempat kepanikan dan kehebohan bertanya…why it’s so long, why it doesn’t work..bla..bla.., kebiasaan anak arsitek selalu tidak pernah ada kata selesai dalam mendesain dan hasilnya printing selalu di last minutes yg bikin para ‘care taker’ pusing 7 keliling karena bakal ada 100 A0 colour documents antri d 2 plotter yg dipaksa kerja 24 hours non stop..blm lagi students suka asal print tidak ngecek format kertas or jenis plotter alhasil kadang salah print padahal udah nunggu semaleman..berharap besok pagi udah tergerai manis di meja printing.

Oleh karena itu, biasanya utk menghindari hal-hal yg tidak diharapkan dan kepanikan di last minutes or sekedar memberitahu bahwa printer ini lagi masuk rumah sakit or sudah rest in peace,..para ‘care takers’ itu suka mengirimkan email kepada seluruh undergrad and postgrad students, and we  agree that they are so funny and hilarious…bener2 hiburan ditengah kelelahan dan ketegangan begadang di lab, and we’re really curious to know ‘who is the man’ behind those emails…but it hasn’t revealed yet…

Here are some emails’ quotes from them sent on 7th october 2008:

Please note that currently you cannot send A3 jobs to the black and white Toshiba 1 machine. If you see a sign on the release screen that says “Do Not Send A3 Jobs to Toshiba 1″ and you still do, please un-enrol from architecture immediately and enrol in Tourism at Sunshine TAFE.”

“You should also be aware, that given the charge for an A4 b&w is 10c, and the charge for an A4 Colour is $1, if you are trying print an A3 double the price) and you see these incorrect prices come up but then…. please don’t assume the computer is giving you a 50% discount  because it thinks you’re hot.”

“The next four weeks is going to be very busy and test us all, so pleasebe thoughtful and consider what we advise, otherwise the sheer frustration at writing this and then being asked why “my A3 is coming out in A4″, will surely be too much and simply put, we may have to just crawl under the desk and hide.”

That’s way we’re proud of being architecture students, we have that own story…


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