Hay-on-Wye: A BOOK TOWN!

Pindahan Friendster :)) September 4th, 2008

Have u ever heard about Hay-on-wye???…. Yup, that is a book town in UK, the biggest second hand bookshops ever! up to 42 2nd hand book shops! The first time I knew this town was when I borrowed a book from Charles Landry about “The Creative City’ a couple days ago, part of my ‘must do things’ to find ideas for my thesis.

On his book, Landry points out that historically ‘until 1961 Hay-on-Wye was a fairly unprepossessing Welsh border town, dependent on declining farming and agricultural markets for its economy. Richard Booth owned the half-ruinous castle and started to deal in second-hand books, which quickly filled up the castle…’

Currently, this city becomes an international attraction, completed with cafes, restaurants, hotels, bed and breakfast and many more…attracting over 110,000 visitors each year, and many cities then follow this creative movement

Just imagine, walking around this city on a lovely sunny day, hunting 2nd hand books!! and then sit in at a coffee shop with a cup of cappucino enjoying the rest of the day….

Hmmm, Hay-on-Wye…just wait for me! you’re on my list after Venice and Amsterdam, insyaAllah…

Melbourne, 4th Ramadhan 1429H


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