Pindahan Friendster March 19th, 2008

Finally, I decided to buy it ( ladies folding bicycle cost $189 bucks delivered from sydney via ebay :D)..very happy, maybe some of my friends knew my struggling to get it…and some of them actually got bored to hear my lost in Bidding, and hearing my dream to have “vintage ladies bike” anytime I saw someone rode it. It’s not like in Indonesia that you can find easily any ladies bike at bike shops with cheap price. All the bikes in the shops in Australia is the “federal” type, even you can find the ladies model it’s so such expensive, cost 499 bucks! and the 2nd hand vintage ladies bike will ended up at ebay with up to $250 more! because it’s not produced anymore.

Actually, it’s not as precisely as I dreamed ! especially the color, and It doesn’t have basket at front. I’m not confident at the first time riding it, but  my neighbors said  it’s great, and my friends as well said it’s better that the black one, and many others appreciated it…

So far what I can learn from this process is, mediating your dream with reality (but still keep with the principle – I can wear a long skirt when riding bicycle) and then  “ketika kamu bersyukur maka Allah akan menambahkan nikmatnya untukmu”, if You always try to find as perfect as you want, maybe you won’t have it! now I realized and really enjoyed it, riding bicycle to uni is faster (shorter distance), cheaper (save $56 bucks/month), healthier, and you interact to many people, such this afternoon a little cute girl said hello to me and smile, all those interaction enrich your life, and it’s cool ! I mean in the terms of life style, it across the boundaries, whether you’re a professor, a student, rich or poor you ride bicycles,  and It’s the way to create sustainable cities.

Now, would you mediating your other dream ?…as It feels like at the end of the road…

Melbourne, 20 March 2008


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